Season 1, Episode 9
Air date May 13, 2013
Written by Carlton Cuse & Kerry Ehrin
Directed by Tucker Gates
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"Underwater" is the ninth episode of the first season of Bates Motel. It aired on May 13, 2013.


Abernathy amps up the pressure, but Norma doesn't know what he wants.  Miss Miss Watson encourages Norman's active imagination; Bradley and Dylan connect, and Emma takes a trip.


Norman has a dream about drowning Bradley in a bathtub. After receiving a threatening note, Norma puts the motel up for sale and decides she wants to buy a house in Hawaii for her and Norman to move into. Blaire Watson wants Norman to publish his creative short story but needs Norma's permission.

A trimmer named Gunner gives Emma a marijuana cupcake; she gives into temptation and eats it. At her father's office with Dylan, Bradley finds love letters exchanged between her father and someone known as "B".

Blaire Watson decides to publish the story without Norma's permission. Norma's realtor tells her the property won't go up for sale. Norma is shocked to find Jake in her car with a pistol. Jake reveals that Shelby owed him $150,000 from the Chinese sex slaves trade and threatens to kill her and her sons unless she delivers the money to him the next night at the docks. Norma agrees.


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  • This episode was watched by 2.48 million viewers.


Song Title Performer(s)
Slide Matt Ellis
The Cisco Kid War
Pressure Drop Toots & The Maytals



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