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"Trust Me" is the fourth episode of the first season of Bates Motel. It aired on April 8, 2013.


Norma deals with distractions as her suspicions grow about certain town residents.



After Norman finds Jiao in Zack Shelby's basement, he hears the Deputy arrive home. In order to buy Norman some time, Dylan rings the doorbell and distracts Shelby long enough for Norman to escape. Dylan asks Norman about the break-in the next day, but Norman denies it before going to Emma's house. Emma's father says that Emma is ill, and as Norman walks away, the father also tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him and tells him to be decent to her; Norman tells the father he is decent. Later, Norman bonds with Bradley as she grieves over the loss of her father.

Norma continues her relationship with Shelby. Dylan sees them leaving a room after sex and Shelby finds out that Dylan is her son. Norman tells Norma he went to get the belt from Shelby's house after she told him to do so. Norma tells him he imagines stuff that doesn't happen sometimes. She doesn't seem to believe him when he tells her about the imprisoned girl either, but next time she's over at Shelby's house she sneaks down to the basement to look for herself. Everything incriminating is gone. Shelby finds her snooping in the basement. Shelby wants to take Norman fishing but he tells his mom he doesn't want to go; she makes him though. Shelby tells Norman he wants them to trust each other and that he wants to take care of them. The fishing trip is cut short when Shelby gets a work-related call over finding a hand of Keith Summers.

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Norma is picked up for questions but she denies any involvement. Norma is worried they'll find the old motel carpet and match the fibers. Norman tells Dylan the entire story and Dylan agrees to help him then both bond. He also convinces Norman to go see Bradley at her house late at night. Bradley thanks Norman for helping her during the mourning of her father and the two end up sleeping together. When Norma finds out from Dylan that Norman is out with a girl she becomes very upset, with Dylan confronting her about her behavior, stating that he knows enough of what she has done, giving him the right to take Norman away from her to stay with him. As the episode closes, Norma is arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.


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  • This episode was watched by 2.30 million viewers.

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Norman breaks into Deputy Shelby's house, looking for find Keith Summers' belt. Shelby returns home and nearly discovers Norman, but Dylan manages to distract him long enough for his brother to get away.

The next day, Norman goes to meet Emma, but her father, WIll Decody, says she's ill. He also tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him, and that he should be decent to her. Norman assures him that his is decent.

Norma and Shelby have a romantic rendezvous in the motel, but are busted by Dylan, who is shocked to see the cop from the night before with his mother. Shelby is clearly not intimidated by Dylan. Dylan warns Norma that he doesn't trust Shelby, but Norma tells him to mind his own business.

Norman runs into Shelby later that night. He tries to ignore the deputy, but Shelby makes it clear to him that for Norma's sake, he and Norman are going to get to know each other, whether Norman wants to or not.

Norman tells his mother about the manga he found and the girl he discovered in Shelby's basement. Norma is horrified that he would break into Shelby's house, and when Norman tells her he did it because she told him to, she tells him that he sometimes sees and hears things that aren't there. He denies it and storms out.

Shelby convinces Norma to let him take Norman fishing, where they have an awkward conversation about trust until Shelby is called away on police business.

Norman meets with Bradley at an ice cream shop where they bond over talk of death and loss. Norman is having a lovely time until Bradley mentions that the police found a severed hand in the bay.

Norman rushes home to tell his mother about the discovery. He's worried the hand is Keith's. As they talk, there is a knock at the door. It's Shelby, there to take Norma to the station for questioning.

Sheriff Romero tells Norma that they found carpet fibers in Keith's watch that match the carpets she had pulled up the day Keith disappeared, but admits that they don't know where the carpets are to make the match. Romero makes it clear that he considers her his number one suspect, but when she clams up, he dismisses her.

Norma and Norman head to the dumpster where they threw out the carpets, but there's no sign of them and the dump where they may have ended up is closed. Norma freaks out, and Norman tells her she should have just told the police what happened. Norma tells him it wasn't just self defense; she "killed the crap out of him." They return home where Norma cries herself to sleep. Norman, overwhelmed, leaves the house and finds Dylan sitting by the motel rooms.

The brothers share sips of bourbon and Norman tells Dylan everything that has happened. Dylan is shocked, but swears to help him. Norman gets a text from Bradley, and Dylan convinces him to go see her.

Norman and Bradley meet at her house. Her mother is heavily sedated, so they are effectively alone. They spend the night together after Bradley reveals that she's "tired of being sad" and "just wants to feel something else for awhile."

At home, Norma wakes up and searches for Norman. Dylan tells her where he is, and they fight until a pounding at the door breaks it up. Norma answers the door and is arrested by Romero for the murder of Keith Summers. Shelby stands by, unable to intervene.

Production Notes[]

Poor Keith Summers. Sheriff Romero may have found the lead he was looking for in this episode when a fisherman dredged up Keith's severed hand. How did they know it was his? Romero, an old friend of Keith's, recognized his distinctive wristwatch, of course. So how were the hand and watch created for the show?

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Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. That's a creepy watch.

Property Master Terry Weaver says, "Well, our prosthetics department made the hand, and we made the watch. The watch was quite a process. We had to find duplicate vintage watches and then hand-build the straps to reflect something vintage, creepy and identifiable to the audience. The audience had to recognize it from the initial scenes of Keith Summers attacking Norma."

In this episode, we finally meet Emma's dad, Will, who is a taxidermist and seems like a tough customer. But Will Decody isn't the only one interested in creepy stuffed animals. Johan Renck, the director of this episode, also collects taxidermy. During prep for this episode, Johan spotted a mounted timber wolf head that he liked on a location scout at an antique shop. After the crew left the shop, Producer Justis Greene snuck back and purchased the wolf for Johan, surprising him with it in the transport van later on that afternoon. Johan loved it and named it Rufus. If you look closely while watching the show, you might spot Rufus in the Artful Artifacts set!

Ian Hart plays stern Will Decody, Emma's protective (and rightly so) father. He first gained recognition playing John Lennon in the 1994 film, Backbeat, but you may remember him better from a role where he played a very different type of professor than the one he portrays in Bates Motel. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Hart was hilarious as the sheepish Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirinus Quirrell. (SPOILER: He was the one with the evil wizard in the back of his head.)


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