• The Clinical perspective on Norman Bate's in "Bate's Motel" requires a differential diagnosis: Norman has 'Dissassociative Identity Disorder' meaning he has multiple identities and his memory is blacked out to all identites that were not conscious while the event took place. Norman's identities have unique personality disorders as well. When he is the identity of Norma he presents 'Anti-social Personality Disorder' with violent and homicidal tendencies; However, Norman's other identity as him self has presented 'Borderline Personality Disorder'. 
    Additionally, thier exists a slew of interpersonal relationship issues that as a psychologist could spew on about all day between all the different characters. The most obvious is the classic, Freud's oedipus complex and co-dependence demonstrated by both Norman and Norma(his actual mom not his illusionary identity). They are more emotionally commited than a married couple and that is why neither Norma or Norman could ever be emotionally available to date. The mother son relationship turned mate bonding with co-dependence and trust issues of anyone outside themselves is one if not the most emotionally powerful obsessive and compulsive unhealthy connections two humans can have! Dylan does'nt feel completely accepted by Norma becasue she is only emotionally availible to Norman. She started to embrace Dylan when Norman encouraged her and comforted Norma's insecurities by sleeping in the same bed and intimately interacting after discussing Dylan.

    "Bate's Hotel" is rife with text book psychology but it is the complex diagnosis that are responsible for some of the really irrationale destructuve behaviour that comes as a response to  mudane mixed with intense and dark enviromental stimuli that brings some awesome plot twists. It is scary that all the characters are inspired by real psychologiclal profiles and modeling some of the most extreme cases of people for history. Good thing most people have better intuition and whits than the characters on TV.

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    • I was wondering what the technical labels would be. People always say psychopath but I was curious what that meant in Medical jargon. Thanks. Watch for those Anti-Social Personalites.

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