• I left a question on a forum and i didn't know who else to ask in case I get no responses. But how old is Norman really? I'm assuming season 3-4 take place in 2013 because its after summer sends. The summer that takes place in 2013, where seasons 1-2 are set. Season 5 takes place two years after season 4. How is Norman 22? Shouldn't he be 20? Am I missing something?

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    • The final season begins in October 2017 as seen from Norman's diary that lists his blackouts and he also as a receipt from 'Abraham's Gas for Less' that mentions what year it is. His gravestone in the series finale gives his birth year as 1995 so he's 22.

      The time frame of the whole show is five years.  He's 17 at the start of it and in the episode 'The Man in Number 9' he tells Norma during an argument that he's almost 18 so the season at most covers the latter part of 2013 (when he goes from being 17 to 18) to early 2014 as winter formals usually take place from December to March.  His father died somewhere in the first few months of the year since he and Norma move to White Pine Bay six months later.

      The start of Season 2 follows on from the end of Season 1 before skipping ahead four months to the to summer and covers that period.  At the start of Season 3 he is 18 (confirmed in print sources) and the season as a whole seems to cover a few weeks.

      Season 4 picks up less than 24 hours after the Season 3 finale due to Romero's actions and Dylan is seen hanging 'Missing' posters in town.  After Norman is found and released from the psychiatric hospital it's likely he's home for a couple to a few days before he's admitted to Pineview.  Before this it's stated that since he's 18 he has to sign the consent forms.  Re.  his age - this could be a writers' mistake since soon after he returns home from Pineview following two weeks there he, Norma, Emma and Dylan are seen looking for Christmas trees, which means it's December 2014 and he is 19 years old.  It probably would have been better if they had said that since he is over the required age his signature was needed on the consent forms.

      At the start of the final season there's been a significant time jump from the end of Season 4 since Romero states that he's a couple of years into a five-year jail sentence and Norman has just celebrated his 22nd birthday by the time the season begins.

      Hope this all makes sense! :-)

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    • Thx!

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    • No problem.  If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me. :-)

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    • Just a couple more wouldn't that make him 21 by the end of the season? Also should we change the deathdate for characters like Blaire Watson or Bob Parris?

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    • I actually made a mistake in what I wrote. After Bradley leaves in Season 2 and returns in late Season 3 a year (maybe slightly more) has passed so it's 2015 by then.

      As Norman's birthday is in mid-October according to his wristband from St. Sebastian Hospital and the first promo for the final season, which takes place in October, features party hats, he was 20 when he was sent to Pineview around late November/early December as the Lights of Winter festival normally takes place from then until January and Romero says he and Norma were only married for two weeks at the time of her death.  It's not specified how long Norman is home before he commits the murder-suicide, only that Romero has been staying away since his return.

      Seasons 1-4 take place from Fall 2013 to jcirca Christmas 2015 and the final season is from October to November/December 2017.  

      I never really paid much attention to the timeline until the final season. :-)

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    • Lol that's ok either did I.

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