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The Docks, also known as Seacliff Pier, is a large fishing port located in White Pine Bay.


Season 1[]

After killing Keith Summers and removing his body from their property, Norman and Norma drive to the docks and use a rowboat to take the corpse out into the open water before tossing it overboard. (First You Dream, Then You Die)

Zack Shelby gets word of a discovery and meets Romero at the docks where he learns that a hand belonging to Keith Summers which has been identified by his watch has been found by fishermen (Trust Me)

Emma Decody learns that Zack Shelby has a fishing boat at the docks and together with Norman they go to the docks to investigate and find Jiao (Ocean View)

Dylan and Norman head to the docks and board Keith Summers' boat in order to find his belt. They find it hidden in the ceiling and dispose of it in the water. (The Truth)

Norma, suspicious of motel guest Jake Abernathy follows him to the docks and sees him boarding Keith Summers' boat. Failing to find what he's looking for he soon discovers that Norma has been following him and tells her off. (A Boy and His Dog)

The docks are next seen when Norma arranges to meet Jake Abernathy in order to give him his money.  She is prepared to kill him but Romero arrives to give him the money before shooting him four times, killing him. (Midnight)

Season 2[]

Romero meets Zane at the docks to put him in his place about the escalating drug violence. Deputy Jeffcoat later meets Romero at the docks to tell him that his house has been burnt down. (Check-Out)

Norma goes to the docks to meet Nick Ford aboard his yacht where he gives her the name of a man who can help her sort out her issue with Lee Berman. (The Escape Artist)

Season 3[]

After killing Bradley Martin, Norman drives to the docks to dispose of her car with her lifeless body in the trunk. (Unconscious)


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