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Shepard's View Cemetery is the main cemetery in White Pine Bay, Oregon. According to a plaque at the entrance gate, it has been in the town since 1882.


Season 2[]

The cemetery was first seen when the residents of White Pine Bay attended Blaire Watson's funeral.  When Norma was later teaching Norman to drive, he drove to the cemetery as he wanted to pay his respects, but she accused him of having a morbid obsession with Blaire Watson's death.

Norman later returned to the cemetery and saw a man standing by Blaire's grave. Thinking he may have had something to do with her death, Norman took multiple pictures of him, before being chased away. Norman showed the pictures to Sheriff Alex Romero, who didn't seem interested. The man turned out to be Nick Ford, Blaire's father.[1]

Season 4[]

After Norma's death, Norman refused to accept she was truly gone and drove to the cemetery late at night to dig up her corpse.[2]


  • Shepard's Way Cemetery was called Greenlawn Cemetery in the film Psycho, which was set in Fairvale, California.


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