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"Shadow of a Doubt" is the second episode of the second season of Bates Motel. It aired on March 10, 2014.


Norma tries to distract Norman from his obsession with Miss Watson by joining a play. Bradley turns to Norman for help when she has to escape a dire situation. Romero is pressured to make an arrest for the murder. A new player at work has Dylan and Remo on edge.


Norman meets Cody

Norman shelters Bradley by allowing her to sleep in the basement. She tells him that she is responsible for Gil's death. He stops by the supermarket to purchase hair dye and meets a young girl named Cody Brennen. While at the gynecologist, Norma asks about blackouts, lying that her sister suffers from them. The gynecologist says it could be a mental disorder of some sort and Norma looks worried. Later, when she is purchasing some books on mental disorders she sees a poster for a stage production of "South Pacific" at the local community theater and suggests to Norman that they should audition as it will give them an opportunity to bond.

Romero meets Ford

Romero encounters a man at the cemetery and tells him that someone killed Gil. The man who is called Nick Ford and is part of a rival drug family insists he has nothing to do with the murder. He is more interested to know if any arrests have been made in the Blaire Watson murder case since he is her father. Dylan and Remo's boss, Zane, suspects the opposing drug family of having killed Gil, shooting another man that he took hostage, in order to send a message.

The police show up at the apartment of a stoner named Kyle, who is taken in for questioning and ultimately charged for killing Miss Watson after his semen is found in her during autopsy, but there is also another unidentified semen sample. Regardless, Romero decides to pin the murder on Kyle.

Norma finds pearls and the paper

While cleaning Norman's room and making his bed, Norma comes across Blaire Watson's pearl necklace and a newspaper cutting of the latter's obituary but she places both back under the mattress. Later, she and Norman attend the auditions where they meet the director Christine Heldens. As the time passes, Norman becomes more and more anxious since he is supposed to be dropping Bradley to the bus stop. He walks out of the theater and gets into an argument with Norma about how she is pressurizing him into doing things he does not want to do. However, he decides to go through with the audition as he knows it will make her happy. He phones Dylan to tell him that Bradley has been hiding n the basement and needs to be taken to the bus stop. Norma performs a song for the audience and gets a round of applause.

Dylan takes Bradley to the bus stop

Dylan takes Bradley to a diner to wait for the bus and gets her to write a suicide note to avoid being targeted by those searching for Gil's killer. Later, a man pulls up at the gas station looking for the Bates Motel, disclosing that he is the brother of Norma Bates.


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  • This episode had 2.21 million viewers.
  • The episode's title is a possible homage to the 1943 Hitchcock film of the same name. The main female character forms a bond with the main male character who turns out to be her uncle, drawing parallels with the relationship between Dylan and Caleb.
  • When Norma is purchasing some books one is called "Call Me Crazy", which was written by actress Anne Heche who portrayed Marion Crane in the 1998 remake.
  • When Norma and Norman sing 'Mr. Sandman' together at the piano, their lines vary with a single word; Norman sings "Then tell her [that her lonesome nights are over]", while Norma sings "Then tell me...".
  • Vera Farmiga did her own singing in the scene where Norma performs 'Maybe This Time' from the 1972 film 'Cabaret'.


Song Title Performer(s)
Mr. Sandman Freddie Highmore & Vera Farmiga
The Mikado: 10. Three Little Maids From School Are We Bates Motel Cast
Maybe This Time Vera Farmiga
The Strangest Thing The Amazing



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