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"Ocean View" is the fifth episode of the first season of Bates Motel. It aired on April 15, 2013.


Norma receives some much-needed help, while Norman desperately awaits his mother's return home. Emma and Norman follow more clues, leading to a big discovery.


Norma with the attorney

Norman returns home from Bradley's to find out that Norma has been arrested and her bail is $100,000. Norman uses the deed to the motel to post her bail. Norman tells Emma about the girl he found in Deputy Shelby's basement. Later on, Norman and Norma meet with an attorney, Norma proclaims she did nothing and refuses to admit it was self-defense. While driving home, Norma scolds Norman for not being home the previous night and believes Norman does not care for her anymore. Furiously, she tells him to get out of the car.

Norman and Dylan ride a motorcycle

As Norman is walking down the road, Dylan sees Norman and offers him a ride home. Later, Dylan tells Norman that he will get his own place and proposes that Norman should live with him instead. Meanwhile, Norma meets with Deputy Shelby, he proclaims that he loves her and will fix the problem. At the police station, Shelby gets rid of the evidence that is incriminating Norma. Dylan borrows $5,000 from Ethan, the partner from his new job. Suddenly, a drug addict walks up to them and shoots Ethan. Dylan rushes Ethan to the hospital.

Norma meets Jiao

Later that night, Norma gets a call from the attorney and is told that the evidence against her mysteriously disappeared, so she is safe from being convicted. Norma knows it was Deputy Shelby who made it happen. Norman tells Emma that he and Bradley are together. Emma tries to convince him that it was just a hook up and was nothing special. Emma tells Norman that she figured out where the girl from Shelby's basement is being held. They travel to Keith Summer's abandoned boat and find the girl depicted in the sketchbook. While driving home, Dylan sees the man who shot Ethan and decides to run over and kill him. Back at the motel, Norman and Emma try to convince Norma that the girl with them is the girl Norman saw in Deputy Shelby's basement. Eventually, Norma believes them and is disgusted at Deputy Shelby.


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  • This episode was watched by 2.66 million viewers.

Episode Guide[]

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Norman walks home with a smile on his face after spending the night with Bradley, but his smile fades quickly when Dylan tells him Norma was arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

The brothers go to the jail to help Norma, where they decide to use the motel as collateral to pay off her $100,000 bail. As they talk, Norma realizes that Norman has told Dylan everything. She gets angry and screams at them to leave.

Norman finds the deed to the motel, and Emma gives him a ride to the bail bondsman. There, he tells her that he found the girl from the manga, but they can't help her until he's helped Norma. Emma reluctantly agrees.

The next day, Norman goes to meet Norma as she is released from jail, but she wants nothing to do with him. They go to meet with her lawyer, but Norma doesn't want to play a role in the story her lawyer is concocting. She refuses to admit she had anything to with Summers' death and storms out.

On the drive home, Norman tells her she's being unreasonable. Norma confronts him about being with Bradley when she was taken to jail. He apologizes, but Norma tells him to walk home and kicks him out of the car. As he walks, Dylan pulls up on his motorcycle. He welcomes Norman to the doghouse and offers him a ride home.

At home, Dylan tells Norman that Norma is addicted to drama. He says that he is getting his own place, and tries to convince Norman to come live with him, but Norman refuses to abandon his mother.

On the way to work, Ethan surprises Dylan with a $5,000 loan. Dylan had asked about borrowing money from their employer, and Ethan had strongly suggested against it. Ethan tells Dylan that bringing him in has made Ethan look good, so he's happy to help him and his brother get their own place. He knows Dylan will pay him back.

They are approached by a junkie, who owes Ethan money. The junkie suddenly pulls a gun and shoots Ethan in the neck. Dylan rushes him to the hospital, but it's too late. Later that night, Dylan is out driving when he sees the junkie. He guns the truck and runs the man down, killing him.

Deputy Shelby and Norma meet in a secluded spot at night. He tells her that he loves her, and wants to help. He goes to the station and manages to grab the carpet sample they found on Keith Summers' hand without being seen.

The next day, Norma gets a call from her lawyer who tells her that, without the evidence, there's no case against her. She finds Norman to celebrate, but as soon as he hears that Shelby is the one who saved her, he becomes upset. Outside, he runs into Emma and asks her to take him somewhere.

They end up in a quiet spot by the shore where Emma tells Norman that she thinks the girl from the manga is being kept on Keith Summers' boat. Norman is distracted, as he's waiting for a text from Bradley. He tells Emma about the two of them being together, but she seems to think it was only a hook-up.

Emma convinces Norman to come with her to the docks to search Keith's boat. They find the girl and rush her back to the motel. Norma finds them and demands to know what's going on. When Norman tells her that Shelby was keeping the girl in his basement, she refuses to believe him. Norma grabs a newspaper and shows the girl a picture of Shelby. To her horror, the girl identifies him. Norman tells her quietly, "I told you."

Production Notes[]

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Who needs stunt doubles?

Dylan and Norman finally have a moment to let go when he gives his little brother a ride on his motorcycle. As it happens, Max Thieriot, who plays Dylan, is a very experienced and proficient motorcyclist in real life so he was able to do the motorcycle work himself with Freddie Highmore riding on back. Bonus fun fact: It was Freddie's first time on a motorcycle!

105 Episode Guide 3

See? Ethan's totally fine!

Poor Ethan, we hardly knew you. Getting shot in the neck is a brutal way to go. Property Master Terry Weaver gives some insight into how that effect was achieved.

"The weapon we used is called a 'gas gun'. It uses C02 to activate the slide on the gun so it has the same action as a real firearm. That way you can shot a scene with a gun right up to the body without risk of injury to the actor."

Now that we're talking about brutal ways to go, being run over by an angry young man in a truck is pretty bad, too. How did they make that look so intense? Weaver says, "The tweaker getting run over was achieved by a treadmill built onto the front of the truck. Shooting through the windshield, you can see the Tweaker running right in front of the truck quite believably. Then we used a soft dummy as the victim to run over." Ouch.



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