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The relationship between Norman Bates and Sam Bates.



Norman lived together with Sam and Norma for the first 17 years of his life. Following his father's death Norman and Norma moved to White Pine Bay to start a new life together, with Norma using her late husband's life insurance policy to purchase a motel.

Season 1[]

Norman awoke on his bed to find the house in silence. When he went to the garage he found his father's motionless body covered by a fallen shelf. He ran to get his mother, who had been showering, and she comforted him while he cried in her arms. Norma used the money from his life insurance policy to purchase the motel. (First You Dream, Then You Die)

Following Zack Shelby's death, Norma finally came clean to Dylan about how Sam really died: he was being abusive to her while Norman was in the kitchen mixing something in the blender. After emptying the contents down the sink he came at his father from behind and whacked him over the head, thus killing him. Norma noticed that her son was having a blackout and put him to bed, while she moved the body to the garage and staged the scene to look like an accident. (The Truth)

Season 3[]

On the orders of "Mother", Norman drew a bath for himself and got in in a bid to recreate the feeling of being in the hot box again. He had a vision of Norma hitting Sam with the blender that killed the latter. (Persuasion)

Season 4[]

After Norman found the consent forms from Pineview Sam appeared to him, trying to convince him that Norma was the one who really killed him but Norman told him that he was just a part of his imagination. (Goodnight, Mother)

When Dylan came to visit Norman at Pineview, he told Norman that Sam was abusive and treated Norma like dirt. Later, under hypnosis Norman remembered as a child getting out of bed to get a drink of water and found Sam passed out at the kitchen table. In his "Mother" persona it was revealed that Norma and Norman had tried to escape but Sam found them and brought them home, eventually raping Norma as Norman hid under the bed. (The Vault)


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