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The contents of this article or section are based on a deleted scene found in one of the DVD/Blu-Ray boxsets. It is considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.
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Marcy McClean is a pork farm owner and possible matchmaker who lives near the Bates Motel.


Season 1[]

After Norman went to school with Bradley and her friends, Norma was alone at home, unpacking. Suddenly, a woman entered the house and explained that the doorbell was broken, and she saw a car outside. She introduced herself as Marcy McClean and said she lived up the road at McClean Creek Farms, and had stopped by to say hello. Norma thanked her and gave her name.

Marcy handed Norma a basket of pork and explained that it was from her artisan pork farm, all free-range and organically fed. Norma thanked her again. Marcy then noticed a picture of Norma and Sam, and asked if he was her husband, noting that he was very handsome. Norma confirmed that he was her late husband, and Marcy expressed her condolences. Norma described Sam as a wonderful and loving husband and father, and said that she and her son were starting over. Marcy commended Norma for her bravery.

As they chatted, blood started to drip from the basket of pork, and Marcy cleaned it up with a towel. They laughed it off and Norma said she would cook the pork for dinner and thanked Marcy. Marcy decided to leave, and as she approached the door, she told Norma that if she wanted to start dating again, she knew some "cute, wealthy, divorced men." Norma thanked her but said it had only been six months since her husband passed away, and Norman had been through a lot and was a very sensitive boy. Marcy smiled and left.[1]


  • In the screenplay of the pilot, her last name is given as Calahan. The screenplay also reveals that she's 38 years old.



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