Portrayed by: Brittney Wilson
First appearance: First You Dream, Then You Die
Last appearance: Midnight
Age: late teens
Status: Alive
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Occupation: Student (White Pine Bay High School)
Allies: Bradley Martin (friend)†
Kennedy (friend)
Hayden (friend)
Jenna (friend)

Lissa was one of the late Bradley Martin's friends who also attended White Pine Bay High School.

She was among the group of girls who Norman Bates first meets at the bus stop on their way to school. She was also at the party they had invited Norman to with her friends. (First You Dream, Then You Die)

She witnessed Bradley's father Jerry Martin burned in his car when she was with Bradley and her friends. As Bradley returned to school following her father's death, she gave Bradley a hug as Norman approached them. (Nice Town You Picked, Norma...)

She was also seen in the girls' bathroom as Emma Decody overheard her and her friends talking about Bradley and Norman sleeping together. (A Boy and His Dog)

She attended the Winter Formal Dance with her date. (Midnight)

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