Kate Massett
Kate Massett
First appearance: Dark Paradise
Last appearance: The Cord
Born: c. 2016
Status: Alive
Home: Seattle, Washington
Relatives: Dylan Massett (father)
Emma Decody (mother)
Norman Bates (uncle/first cousin, once removed)†
John Massett (legal grandfather)
Caleb Calhoun (paternal grandfather)†
Norma Bates (paternal grandmother)†
Will Decody (maternal grandfather)
Audrey Ellis (maternal grandmother)†

Katherine "Kate" Massett is the daughter of Dylan Massett and Emma Decody.


Season 5

While celebrating Emma's birthday, Caleb arrived at the house having heard where she and Dylan were living with their infant daughter through Emma's Facebook page. However, after Dylan revealed that Caleb was the one who got the money for Emma's lung transplant operation, she asked Caleb to leave as she did not want Kate growing up knowing about her father's past. (Dark Paradise)

When Emma told Dylan that she had told Caleb to leave, she said it was because she wanted Kate to grow up in an honest environment. (The Convergence of the Twain)

While Caleb was being held captive in the Bates' basement, he told "Mother" about Kate's existence but "Mother" lamented the fact that "she" would never get to meet her granddaughter. (Bad Blood)

She was briefly seen while Dylan was preparing dinner for Emma. (Dreams Die First)

When Dylan arrived at the motel, he showed Norman photographs of Kate that he had on his phone. (Inseparable)

Kate was briefly seen while Emma was out for a walk. (The Body)

She was first mentioned when Emma attempted to persuade her father from bringing her to White Pine Bay. While Emma was at the funeral home sorting out the process for her mother's remains, Dylan was pondering whether to go to Norman's preliminary hearing and looked through photographs on his phone, which included photographs of Emma and Kate. (Visiting Hours)

In a flash-forward sequence, Kate, a few years older, was seen with Emma as the two of them met Dylan somewhere, which confirmed that they were still married. (The Cord)


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