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Jiao's Sketchbook is a small notebook filled with strange drawings of a young woman being drugged and tortured. Norman Bates found it hidden under the carpet of Room #4 of the Bates Motel soon after he and Norma moved to White Pine Bay


The sketchbook is like a journal, detailing the story of four girls from Shunyi, China. Emma Decody was able to decode the story by translating the Chinese words in the diary. (Nice Town You Picked, Norma...)

The story is about four girls from Shunyi, China, who were tricked into sex slavery: Jiao, Fan, Helen, and Li-Mui, a girl whose father sold her to their captor to pay off his debt. They are then brought to White Pine Bay and hidden at the Seafairers' motel where they are further abused and tortured. Eventually, Li-Mui dies of overdose, and the other girls are forced to bury her by a shed in the hills, by a mountain which Emma recognizes as Ladyface.

Based on the revelations on the show, such as the shed and the markings under the sink, it can be deduced that Jiao was definitely real (and the girl in Zack Shelby's basement) and that she hid the journal under the motel's carpet in hopes that one day, someone will learn the truth about them and will be able to save her and her friends.

While sneaking into Zack Shelby's house in order to retrieve Keith Summers' belt, Norman finds Jiao in his basement. (What's Wrong With Norman) She is later moved and is found by Emma and Norman in Keith Summers' boat. Norma sees Emma and Norman with Jiao and finally believes Norman's initial claims. (Ocean View)


  • The drawings from the sketchbook can be viewed from the book app available on iTunes, as advertised on the official site of the show, although some sketches shown on the show seem to be missing from this.
  • The story is also translatable on the book app.
  • Only five copies of the sketchbook were ever made.


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