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The Bates Motel Guest Book is a prize awarded to the 2,000 selected fans who participated in an online Facebook quiz and submitted fan-arts.


The Bates Motel Guest Book - Freddie and Nestor

"And thank you again for your insanely beautiful fan artwork! So much talent and heart!" - Nestor Carbonell[1]

Having established "Bates Motel" as a leading scripted drama, A&E's objective was to capitalize on the extensive social community surrounding the show to drive awareness, excitement and buzz leading into the Season 3 premiere.

The book was made by The Shorty Awards through an official partnership with Tumblr, along with targeted paid media. 50 pieces of fan-art were carefully selected to be printed and placed within the premium guest book in a hidden cutout, each with the artist's name and a quote explaining why they love the show. To further quell the "Bates Motel" curiosity, a link to an exclusive Season 3 sneak peek featuring a welcome video from Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) was included.

Vera Farmiga Tweet March 7 2015

"Thank U super-fans INCREDIBLE artwork." - Vera Farmiga[2]

The Gest Book was delivered two weeks prior to the Season 3 premiere (February/March 2015). This initiative both rewarded the existing fan base and increased awareness of the series leading into the Season 3 as fans flocked to post a photo of their guest book across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and Tumblr. In addition to promotion from fans, several press outlets including Mashable, EW and People posted about the Bates Motel Guest Book resulting in 42.4 million total impressions.[3]


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