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"Gone But Not Forgotten" is the season premiere of the second season of Bates Motel. It aired on March 3, 2014.


Norman fixates on Miss Watson's death; Norma worries about the future of the motel when plans for the bypass move ahead of schedule; Bradley is driven to extremes as she searches for her father’s killer.


Norma calms Norman down after the funeral

Norma receives a call informing her of Blaire Watson's death and questions Norman, but he can't remember anything. They attend her funeral where Norman is unable to control his emotions and it is later shown that he has her pearl necklace. In the aftermath of the revelation that Jerry Martin has been having an affair with Blaire Watson, Bradley recklessly drives under the influence and attempts suicide by jumping from a bridge into the river beneath.

Four months go by and the motel trade is booming. Emma is still working there and Norman is spending his time in the basement practicing taxidermy. Bradley is released from a mental hospital and the letters that Norman has sent her have all been returned to him.

Norma's concerned about Norman's obsession

While Norma is teaching Norman to drive, he stops by the cemetery and she accuses him of being morbid. They argue and Norman angrily insists on switching seats. On the way home Norma sees construction workers, and she learns that work for the new bypass will start the following Monday. She later decides to get a spot on the town meeting about the bypass.

That night Bradley goes to Gil's house to ask him about her father's death. He denies knowing who killed her father, and says that her father was a "shit heel" when she presses him. Gil asks how old she is, and flirtatiously (and creepily) invites her into his house. Bradley declines and later we see her pull a loaded gun from a box of her father's things. Later, Norman drops by her house to see her and tells her that he will be there for her if she needs him.

The next day, Norman returns to the cemetery and takes a photo of a strange man at Blaire Watson's grave, then goes to Romero with the evidence. However, Romero questions him about his relationship with Blaire Watson but Norman just says that she was friendly and gave him a lot of help with his school work.

Norma lashes out at the councilman

At the weed processing facility, Gil tells Dylan to keep Bradley away from his business. Remo reveals to Dylan that Gil hated Jerry because Blaire Watson (the daughter of the other local weed family) had been sleeping with Jerry behind Gil's back. Norma goes to a town meeting about the bypass and is shot down by one of the councilmen, Lee Berman. She blasts the town for their illegal activity and the meeting is adjourned.

Bradley and Dylan meet in secret and he tells her what he found out about Gil, her father, and Blaire Watson. He tells her to stop asking questions and move on. Bradley also says because he hasn't responded to her emails, and he tells her that Norman likes her and there are lines that shouldn't be crossed.

Norman tells Norma what happened the other night

When Norma is leaving the town meeting, Romero informs her that Norman visited him with the picture. Angry, she storms home and tells Norman that he is obsessed with Blaire Watson’s death and she doesn’t understand why. He tells her what he believes really happened that night: He went to Blaire Watson’s home, she seemed attracted to him and she undressed in front of him. Then he blacked out and all he remembers is running home. He believes someone broke into her home and killed her soon after he left.

Bradley goes to Gil’s house and she begins to seduce him while asking questions about Blaire Watson’s relationship with her own father. Then Bradley pulls a gun from her purse and shoots Gil in the head. Panic stricken, she sneaks into Norman’s room and begs him to help her.


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  • This episode was watched by 3.07 million viewers, making it the highest watched episode of the season.


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