Francine Calhoun
Portrayed by: Johanna Marlowe
Appears in: Norma Louise (voice in flashback)
Died: Fall 2014
Status: Deceased
Home: Boise, Idaho
Occupation: Bakery worker
Relatives: Ray Calhoun (husband)†
Norma Bates (daughter)†
Caleb Calhoun (son)†
Sam Bates (son-in-law)†
Alex Romero (son-in-law)†
Norman Bates (grandson)†
Dylan Massett (grandson)
Kate Massett (great-granddaughter)
Emma Decody (granddaughter-in-law)
Francine Calhoun was the mother of Caleb Calhoun and Norma Bates as well as the maternal grandmother of Norman Bates and Dylan Massett.


Season 1

Norma first mentioned her mother during a session with Dr. Fumhiro Kurata when she was asked about her childhood. She stated that her mother worked in a bakery than at home and lied about her mother and father dead. She later told her son Norman that her mother was always sedated and her father was always abusive. (Midnight)

Season 3

Norma received word that her mother had died but did not allow herself to express any emotion until she talked to her other son, Dylan and showed him a ribbon that her mother used to wear. (A Death in the Family)

As Caleb looked at a photograph of Norma and him as children, a flashback showed Norma as a little girl hiding under the porch of her childhood home as her parents fought above her. Caleb joined her and put his arm around her to comfort her. (Norma Louise)

Season 5

When Caleb was imprisoned in the basement by his unstable nephew Norman who believed himself to be the now-deceased Norma, he had flashbacks to when he was a child with his sister and listening as their parents fought. When speaking to Chick Hogan (who was aware of Norman's instability) he spoke about his childhood with her and how their mother would get depressed and lock them in a room for at least a day or two. (Bad Blood)

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