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The relationship between Emma Decody and Gunner.


Season 1[]

Emma and Gunner first met when she rebuked him for smoking weed on the porch of the motel. As an apology, he delivered a cupcake to the motel office but after she ate it and turned up at the Bates house carrying a stick and talking about there being video monitoring equipment in the motel office, Norma realized she was high and helped her before she went home. (Underwater)

Season 2[]

Emma went to Norma for advice about sex. She said she had met someone and she really liked him and was thinking about it and she didn't have a mother or a close girlfriend to ask. Norma told her that if she had feelings for him and he was a good person the first time should be lovely. Emma went for her walk with Gunner and later they head back to the motel, where they slept together. (The Escape Artist)

They made out again when she dropped by his motel room with towels. They later went for a drive and met Cody and Norman at the swimming hole. They decided to go for a swim, and even though Norman had reservations about Emma diving in, she did so and when she failed to re-surface he went in to save her. He lashed out at Cody and Gunner for letting her go in. (Plunge)

Season 3[]

When Emma delivered Dylan's order of marijuana plants to his cabin, she saw Gunner and they were pretty awkward around each other since they split up prior to the beginning of the season. (Persuasion)

Gunner was at Dylan's cabin when Emma called by with some flowers and baked goods for Dylan. They started chatting and Emma told him that her health was not good and that she wanted to be by herself for some time, reassuring him that she enjoyed the time they had together during the summer. She left a note for Dylan with the goods before leaving. (The Pit)

Season 4[]

As they walked together in the grounds of the hospital, Dylan told Emma that he was considering giving up the weed business as he wanted to do something better with his life and said that he would be firing Gunner. Emma said that if she was Dylan she would do the same thing. ('Til Death Do You Part)



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