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"Norman's in Jail!" is the forty-fourth post from Emma's Blog. It was published on April 14, 2014.


 That was my reaction when my dad walked into my room the other day with the insane news. He said that he heard from one of the customers that came into the store that there was an accident at the Brennan house and that “new Bates kid” was responsible for pushing Cody’s dad down a flight of stairs. Broken neck. Died right then and there. I couldn’t believe it.
 I grabbed my tank and ran out the door. I went straight to the police station where I ran into Norma pacing around the front of the building. I just felt so helpless. I needed to do something. Norma looked so distraught and scared. I don’t know what I would do if my son were in jail for killing someone. I mean, I’ve never had a son, obviously, and don’t know if I’ll ever have time for it. (That’s a different blog post.)
 Anyways… she just looked messed up about it. My plan was to hang out and just wait it out with Norma. I thought Dylan would be there, but he was nowhere to be found. I was pissed about it. Why wouldn’t he be there? Norma told me to go to the motel. The best way I could help them was to make sure all was quiet on the motel front. What could I do? I gave her a hug and left.
 But not before I thought to pay Dylan a visit. We met at the sandwich truck on the pier. Not my choice. I told Dylan that he needs to be there to support his brother and his mother. And that whatever they are going through — all their drama — should be put aside to be together during this tough time. I got to a very angry place, because Norma is so sweet, and she doesn’t deserve any of this. And I guess when you don’t have a brother, and a mother that left you at a young age — you just don’t take these things for granted. I regret it now, but I told him that “I wish I had a mother and brother that I could treat like shit.” OUCH! I think I was a bit hard on him.
 After all of that, they finally let Norman out of jail. I checked up on him to make sure he was ok an it sort of just turned into an apology on my end. I guess Norman was really hurt that I told Norma about the blackouts. And I get it. I betrayed his trust in me. But it all came from a concerned place. I wanted to help Norman. He said that we are all good and that the police released him, but he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. He wasn’t mad at me anymore, and he was just happy that, through everything, I was still on his side. I believed him. I have to be in his corner.
 All in all, I will always have love for Norman. We are always honest with one another and have been through WAY more than most friends will ever go through in two lifetimes.

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