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"Movie Reviews…" is the thirty-fifth post from Emma's Blog. It's also the first post from 2014. It was published on January 7, 2014.


 I was working behind the desk the other day when Norman popped in and caught me daydreaming. He said I looked down, like a cloud was hanging over me. I can’t remember exactly what I was lost in at that moment, but I’m sure you could guess a few things… Anyway, he thought a movie might cheer me up and offered to lend me one of his “all-time favorites.” I said sure. Two minutes later he came back, out of breath, doing his best to stifle his excitement. He said he hoped I’d like it and thought it would make me smile. He handed me his DVD of Sabrina, the black and white one from the 50s with Audrey Hepburn. I was hoping for something more, I don’t know, current, or in color. But, his enthusiasm was so, geez I’m going to say it – cute – I couldn’t refuse or ask him if he had anything else.
 Last night, I popped it in. I’ve never watched an old movie on DVD before. The whole concept of watching something on DVD that was created before color TV and cable felt weird but kinda cool. Maybe I’m weird. Hmm… You know what? Mystery solved, I am weird. Anyhoo, Audrey Hepburn was adorable and Humphrey Bogart was dashing – and a little scary, too. I’ve always heard about him being the pinnacle of leading men back in the day. There’s just something about him you can’t take your eyes off; an unpredictability that’s incredibly intriguing.
 I should have mentioned this before… I don’t know how to cook. I mean, I can boil water, but I’ve never done any of that expert-level stuff. But I watch a lot of cooking shows, and I have a recipe, so how hard could it be?
 Do you ever wonder if you were born in the wrong decade? I’m thinking the 50s and I would have been a good match. People talk about the simplicity of life back then, I’m not so sure. No matter the time or place in history, love is confusing, and exciting. Nowadays people look back and think the folks from yesteryear couldn’t possibly understand the complexity of life in the 21st century. I’m betting they could, although maybe they’d have a little trouble working a DVD player.
 I hope Norman won’t mind if I hang on to Sabrina a little longer. I might want to watch it again. He was right. It made me smile.

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