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"I Have to Say…" is the forty-ninth post from Emma's Blog. It was published on March 10, 2015.


 …that it feels good to be writing again. For a while there, this blog was a tool – an outlet that I needed to get things off my chest. Therapy or something. There are A LOT of changes that have been going on with me lately that I feel I should keep everyone up to date on. First…
 I HAVE A NEW BOSS. I know what you’re probably thinking: “Did you finally quit your job at the motel?” Nope. Turns out Norman has been promoted to motel manager. (I know, right?) He also told me that he’s going to be home-schooled. I was really bummed at first because I knew I’d be losing one of my only friends at school. The one person that I eat lunch with. The one person I can actually have an intellectual conversation with. The one person I have mutual interests with. I was immediately saddened by this – until he asked me to join him! (WHAT!?)
 Weird, right? But it actually makes sense. Now I can help Norman with his new managerial duties, and be present with him more. I mean, the only reason I ever really got up in the morning to go to school was to see him. These are my best years and I want to spend every one of them with him.
 I hope I’m not coming across as a stalker.
 In fact, I know I’m not because, as soon as I said that to him (yes, I actually said I wanted to spend my last years with him out loud – cringe) Norman said that he felt the timing was right and that we should GO OUT!
 He thinks we should be a couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend. More than just friends. He wants us to be an item! I know, I know… crazy, right?
 Well, like I said earlier, things are on the up-and-up. I’m just so excited. Norman told me that he’s never been on a date before. I mean, he hooked up with Bradley (God rest her soul) but I guess they never dated-dated. I hope he plans something romantic. I feel like this has been a long time coming. Check back in next week (same Emma-time, same Emma-channel) and I’ll tell you guys all about how the date went.
 Wish me luck!

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