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The relationship between Dylan Massett and Remo Wallace.


Season 1[]

Remo and Dylan's employer, Gil Turner sent Remo to work for Dylan, who had impressed him. Dylan was under the impression that Remo, who had been working for Gil for around 23 years, was to be his boss. He was surprised when Remo revealed that he was in fact working for Dylan. (The Truth)

While on a road trip to collect some workers, Dylan and Remo stopped at a bar. Remo, who disliked working for someone so much younger than him, mocked Dylan. This turned into a brawl. Afterward, Remo confided in Dylan that Gil hadn't promoted him because he had no leadership qualities, suggesting a newfound respect for Dylan. (A Boy and His Dog)

Season 2[]

Remo was willing to, as a veteran in the business, tell Dylan why Gil disliked Jerry Martin. (Gone But Not Forgotten)

Dylan and Remo faced Gil's death and the ensuing problems together, and Remo warned Dylan that their new boss, Zane Morgan, was impulsive and hot-headed. Remo also shared his theory (that members of the "Ford family" assasinated Gil) with Dylan. (Shadow of a Doubt)

Remo and Dylan buried two dead co-workers together. (Caleb)

Remo splashed Dylan with water to wake him up when Dylan fell asleep at work, and suggested to him that Zane burned Sheriff Alex Romero's house down. When Zane later invited Dylan to lunch, Dylan intended for Remo to come along, but Zane made it clear that Remo was not invited. (The Escape Artist)

When Zane and some new members took Dylan on a mission, Remo was also included, suggesting that he had prior knowledge of what was to happen. After seeing that the mission was to raid Nick Ford's warehouse, Dylan refused and Zane knocked him out. Zane then asked Remo if he was also against it, but Remo stated that he was "with" Zane. (Presumed Innocent)

Season 5[]

Remo was briefly mentioned when Julia Ramos told Dylan that she had been recommended to him by the former. (The Body)

Remo returned to town and congratulated Dylan on getting married and settling down. He said that he had also married the sister of one of the trimmers and was now working in the distribution of medicinal marijuana. He handed Dylan a gun and asked him to tell him that it was for protecting Emma and Kate. As he left he said they should catch up over a drink and reminisce about their days as "outlaws". (The Cord)



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