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The deleted scenes from Bates Motel are listed on this page. Since these scenes have been deleted from the episodes and have never aired, they should be considered to be non-canon.

Season 1[]

First You Dream, Then You Die[]

After Norman went to school with Bradley and her friends, Norma was alone at home, unpacking. Suddenly, a woman entered the house and explained that the doorbell was broken, and she saw a car outside. She introduced herself as Marcy McClean and said she lived up the road at McClean Creek Farms, and had stopped by to say hello. Norma thanked her and gave her name.

Marcy handed Norma a basket of pork and explained that it was from her artisan pork farm, all free-range and organically fed. Norma thanked her again. Marcy then noticed a picture of Norma and Sam, and asked if he was her husband, noting that he was very handsome. Norma confirmed that he was her late husband, and Marcy expressed her condolences. Norma described Sam as a wonderful and loving husband and father, and said that she and her son were starting over. Marcy commended Norma for her bravery.

As they chatted, blood started to drip from the basket of pork, and Marcy cleaned it up with a towel. They laughed it off and Norma said she would cook the pork for dinner and thanked Marcy. Marcy decided to leave, and as she approached the door, she told Norma that if she wanted to start dating again, she knew some "cute, wealthy, divorced men." Norma thanked her but said it had only been six months since her husband passed away, and Norman had been through a lot and was a very sensitive boy. Marcy smiled and left.

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Norma was cutting the pork to prepare a meal when suddenly her phone rang. Annoyed to learn that the caller was Dylan, she hesitated to answer. Meanwhile, Dylan was sitting on the floor of an empty apartment room with only an apple to eat. When Norma answered the phone, Dylan sarcastically thanked her for letting him know that she had moved.

Norma reminded him that the last time they spoke, he had told her to "drop dead, bitch". Dylan then asked her if she thought it was okay not to tell her own son that she had moved. He questioned what would happen if he got hurt, or if he was in the hospital and needed her help. Norma seemed indifferent to his words and asked him if he was hurt and in the hospital.

Dylan replied that his job fell apart because his boss was "a punk-ass" and he needed some money. Norma was frustrated with his attitude and said, "it's always someone else's fault, isn't it?" Dylan got angry and loudly told her to "cut the crap" and wire him some money. Finally, Norma had enough and hung up the phone.

In the evening, Norma sat in her car next to the motel, overcome with tears before starting the car.

After leaving the party, Norman ran home in the middle of the night through an empty street. He paused for a moment due to exhaustion, caught his breath, and continued running home.

The next morning, Norma stormed into Norman's room, woke him up, and told him to go to school. Norman, exhausted, told her that he only slept for two hours and couldn't go to school. Norma insisted that he had to go, admitting that she was also tired after driving for two hours to dump the carpeting. She said that sooner or later, the police would start looking for Keith Summers and asking questions, so their behavior had to be completely normal and consistent. Once again, she told him to get up and get ready, leaving Norman with no other choice.

Nice Town You Picked, Norma...[]

Norman is on his way to Emma's place. He walks across the decorated streets. His left eye is swollen from the fight he had with Dylan in the kitchen.

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The following morning, Norman enters the kitchen and is surprised to see Norma and Dylan having breakfast together. He joins them but looks at Norma in disbelief, as he didn't expect his brother to still be there. To break the awkward silence, Norma tells Norman that despite their struggles and disagreements, Dylan is still a part of their family. She adds that if he's trying to get his life together, they should support him. Norma then looks at Dylan and tells him that he can stay with them if he wants to. She emphasizes that they are family. Norma asks Dylan to pass her the marmalade, which he opens and hands to Norman before he passes it to her.

Trust Me[]

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After successfully distracting Shelby to buy Norman enough time to escape, Dylan puts on his helmet and rides home on his motorcycle.

Ocean View[]

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Norma has parked her car in front of the motel and is lost in thought when she receives a call from an unknown number. She answers the call and greets the person on the other end. The man tells her to meet him at oceanside in 30 minutes, and Norma heads to the destination.

After Norman and Emma rescued Jiao, he bought her food and soda. Despite Emma's warning that she might get sick from eating too fast, Jiao revealed that she had not eaten anything for two days and was extremely hungry. Emma suggested taking her to the police, but Norman was hesitant. However, Jiao began screaming "no police" repeatedly and claimed to know people in San Francisco who could help her find a job. She demanded money and a bus from them in order to leave town, citing that Shelby, who was a policeman, had forced her to take drugs and hit her. Jiao threatened to kill them if they called the police. Norman and Emma eventually agreed to her demands. Jiao suddenly threw up.

The Man in Number 9[]

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After Norma and Norman had argued about Bradley and Norman had left the house, Norma became furious. She slammed the door and started hitting it with her hands and feet while screaming. Hearing the commotion, Dylan came down the stairs to see what was happening. When Norma noticed him, she calmed down, smiled, and told him everything was fine before walking away. Dylan rolled his eyes in response.

Later, after Juno was killed by a car, Norma drove Norman to Emma's house. Norman got out of the car, walked up to the front door, and began knocking. Emma opened the door with a smile on her face, but quickly realized that something was wrong. Norman was devastated and crying, and he asked Emma if her father could help him. Emma replied with a reassuring "of course."

A Boy and His Dog[]

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Dylan gets into the van where Remo is waiting for him. They both seem to regret their previous night's fight at the bar. Remo tells Dylan that he doesn't remember much, to which Dylan replies that there isn't much to remember.

Afterward, they head to pick up trimmers. While driving, Dylan asks if everyone is okay with stopping in about an hour. Everyone agrees, and Dylan and Remo smile at each other.


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At school, Norman passes by as the girls hang the Winter Formal sign in the hallway. Suddenly, Miss Watson walks up to him from behind and tells him that his story is wonderful. She mentions having a friend who can publish it, and Norman smiles. Miss Watson offers to help him with a little editing, and asks him to come by the next day after school. Norman agrees. As she starts to walk away, she remembers to tell him that she has reviewed his quarter grades and he received straight A's. She expresses how proud she is of him and how she believes this school will be good for him. Norman smiles happily.

That night, Dylan gets ready to go out. As she walks down the stairs, Norma asks him if he's going somewhere. Dylan responds that he's just going to work and won't be gone very long. Norma expresses concern and tells him to be back soon. Dylan assures her to relax and leaves.

Norma walks up to Emma, who's sleeping on the couch, adjusts her blanket and turns off the light.

After leaving the realtor's office, Norma notices a strange man wearing a top hat and smoking a cigarette. He stands across the street from a café, which makes her even more scared. She starts to walk away and carefully looks behind her, only to find that the man is also walking. Becoming more anxious, she speeds up, stops to look behind her once more, and sees that the man has also stopped walking. In a rush, Norma goes to a nearby café, hastily opens the door, lets a couple come outside, enters the building, and sits on a stool. She looks outside and sees the man cross the street and walk by the café. Norma feels relieved.


Season 2[]

Gone But Never Forgotten[]

Shadow of a Doubt[]



The Escape Artist[]


Presumed Innocent[]


The Box[]

The Immutable Truth[]

Season 3[]

A Death in the Family[]

The Arcanum Club[]



The Deal[]

Norma Louise[]

The Last Supper[]

The Pit[]



Season 4[]

A Danger to Himself and Others[]

Goodnight, Mother[]

'Til Death Do You Part[]

Lights of Winter[]


The Vault[]

There's No Place Like Home[]




Season 5[]

Dark Paradise[]

The Convergence of the Twain[]

Bad Blood[]


Dreams Die First[]



The Body[]

Visiting Hours[]

The Cord[]



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