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Clay DuFont was an employee of Bob Paris at the Arcanum Club.


Season 3[]

When Clay and another employee of Bob's went to the Bates Motel to find the flashdrive, Dylan drew his gun on the unnamed employee. Clay entered and drew his gun on Dylan. Dylan told them both to leave and never come back, so both Clay and his accomplice leave. (Unbreak-Able)

When Romero questioned Stanley about the discovery of Lindsay Davis' body, Stanley mentioned having seen a mysterious man at the lake who said that he was bird watching even though he didn't have binoculars or a camera and Romero asked if he was referring to Clay DuFont. That evening, Romero came across a silver car parked at the side of a road. Approaching it with his gun drawn, he discovered the body of Clay DuFont, who died after sustaining a bullet to the head. (The Deal)

After boarding a yacht, Bob was confronted by Romero and it was revealed that the former was responsible for Clay's death as well as the deaths of Annika Johnson and Lindsay Davis. (Unconscious)

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