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Bob's Employee is an unnamed associate of the late Bob Paris at The Arcanum Club.


Season 3[]

Dylan returned to the motel office to find it ransacked and drew his gun, before finding a mysterious man looking through a desk. He told Dylan that Norma had something Bob Paris wanted. Dylan told him to put his hands in front of him and the man told him not to start something he couldn't finish. Clay DuFont entered and drew his gun on Dylan. The man noted that the house was big enough to hide something and Dylan said that if either one of them came there again, he would kill them. The man reminded him that he wasn't always there and left. (Unbreak-Able)

As Norma drove on the open road, a car attempted to overtake her before she was struck from behind and forced off the road into a muddy field. She climbed out of the car and a black car soon appeared. The man who had ransacked the motel office climbed out and told her that she had something that Bob Paris wanted. (The Deal)

The mysterious man tailed Norma as she left the boutique in Portland and followed her to James Finnigan's house. (Norma Louise}

The mysterious man was at the shooting range with Bob Paris and granted Romero permission to speak with Paris. (The Last Supper)

The mysterious man was with another of Bob's employees when Bob showed up at a remote location to question James Finnegan about Norma and Norman. He then grabbed a nail and stabbed It into James' foot. (The Pit)

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