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Discover beautiful scenery. Community. Home. Hope. is a website for the Bates Motel, created by Norma Bates. It allowed potential visitors to learn about the motel and book rooms online.


In the fall of 2012, when Norma Bates became the new owner of the Seafairer Motel, she renamed it to "Bates Motel" and created a website for it so that customers would be able to learn about White Pine Bay, the motel, its owners, and book rooms online. During the first couple months, she would frequently check the reservations on the website.

Website Content[]

Home Page[]

The home page featured the text: "Enjoy this majestic coastal getaway! Recently renovated -- Under New Management", with the last three words linking to the "About" section of the website.

In Real Life: Later the text "Under New Management" was replaced by "Take a Virtual Tour!", which linked to the official website of Bates Motel; at that time the latter featured an online interactive virtual tour of the motel.

Rooms & Rates[]

The Rooms & Rates section featured the text: "Rooms and rates coming soon. For now, take a look at some of Norma's design inspirations to see what we have in the works", which was followed by a link to Norma's Blog on Pinterest with a preview picture.

In Real Life: Later a link to the Bates Motel website was added, which at the time featured an online interactive motel tour.


The Directions section of the website featured a map of White Pine Bay and the directions to the motel. At the bottom section, there was a caption which upon pressing would reveal a pop-up notice of public vote. It aimed to convince people to vote against building the new bypass.

In Real Life: Visitors could also "vote" through a Facebook like button and/or get an HTML code with the notice picture embedded in it.

Reservations & Bookings[]

The reservations and Bookings section allowed visitors to check the motel vacancy and book rooms.

In Real Life: The caption said that there was no vacancy due to either ongoing renovations or all of the rooms being booked, which was followed by an alternative way of "checking in" -- a link to GetGlue, which featured stickers related to Bates Motel.


The Photos section was divided into two sub-sections: Scenic Photos, which featured pictures of White Pine Bay, and Family Photos, with pictures of Norma, Norman and Sam.

Scenic Photos[]

Family Photos[]


01-bliss-yoga Yoga by the Bay

Stretch away your stress.
Relax and keep fit with a yoga class or two. Nice big windows will help you take a peek and decide if the classes are for you, as well as make sure the whole town can see just how great you look.

02-bedford-house Bedford House Restaurant

Ignore the tourist-trap brochures and go straight for the menu.
Enjoy routine American fare in this stalwart old eatery. Don't worry, it's not as expensive as it looks. Large families take note: small children are always welcome.

03-woodchuck-festival The Woodchuck Festival

Quaint small town fun!
Celebrate White Pine Bay's logging heritage at this local festival. Sign up early to join the rest of the "Lumberjacks" and compete to see who can saw the fastest, chop the most, and generally be the manliest man in town.

04-st-sebastian-hospital St Sebastian Hospital

Great doctors and cable in every room.
No one wants to be sick on vacation, but it happens. Rest assured we're located near one of the Northwest's most highly rated medical centers. With a nationally recognized burn unit and professionals who are almost too willing to help, you'll be in good hands.

Attraction1 Main Street

Try the coffee and pie!
Sample the local specialties and mom-and-pop dining establishments on our Main Street. Grab a cup of coffee, taste test artisan cheeses, or pick up Fish Shack's fresh lobster special for the whole family.

Attraction2 Artful Artifacts

Will's daughter, Emma, and some stuffed animals.
Stop in Artful Artifacts for an enormous selection of rare art, odds and ends, and unique creations from White Pine Bay's very own taxidermist, Will Decody.

Teens-jogging-in-woods The Great Outdoors

Local teens enjoy an invigorating forest hike.
Take a hike and discover the site where the largest tree on local record once stood before the (now defunct) White Pine Bay logging industry chopped it down.

Waterfront Waterfront

A friendly deputy helps residents enjoy the view.
Once used for exporting lumber, the harbor is now primarily home to locally-owned boats, many of which have belonged to White Pine Bay seafaring families for decades. Kids love the bobbing boats, and it makes for a terrific romantic hideaway.

Midnight-boat-ride Midnight on the Bay

Two locals enjoy a private boat ride.
If you're looking for some privacy, nothing beats a midnight cruise around White Pine Harbor. Enjoy the deep waters, the smell of fresh air, and the sounds of local wildlife splashing in the night.


The About section stated that the Bates Motel has been providing guests with accommodations since the 1950s. After that, there was a picture of 'The Team', Norma and Norman Bates, with the caption next to it: "White Pine Bay is the town Norma always wanted to live in. Everyone knows everyone. It's a community. It's a place you can belong... Norma enjoys her life as the new owner and manager of the motel, and Norman is excited to learn the business, offer help in a supporting role and keep the office running. Stop by and let them know how they can help make your stay comfortable and leave you wanting to come back for more!".

In Real Life: The text "Bates Motel" was linked to the show's page on the A&E website.

Contact Us[]

In Real Life: The Contact Us section included a sign-up form to receive Bates Motel-related emails from A&E.


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  • Aside from the Bates Motel Universe, this website also existed in real life. It was launched in 2013 and closed in 2015.
    • The website was created by Matt Yule, a web producer at A&E Television Networks. He "brought to life a site mentioned in the Bates Motel series by expanding and creating new content based on the story and characters of the show."[1]
  • Some of the information and pictures presented on this page are recreations, educated guesses and suppositions, since the original website was closed in 2015 and the Wayback Machine didn't archive a considerable amount of the website's contents.


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