Bates Family House
Bates house
Location: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Type: House
Residents: Norma Bates
Norman Bates
Dylan Massett (former)
Alex Romero
Keith Summers (former)†
Maggie Summers (former)

The Bates family house is a two and a half story Second Empire Victorian house in White Pine Bay, Oregon, which serves as the residence of the Bates family (including Dylan Massett). In front of the house is the Bates Motel.


The house was built in 1912 by Keith Summers' great-great-grandfather, and supposedly holds dirty secrets. The Summers family lost the house to the bank, along with the motel, which were both later bought by Norma Bates.


The house is a two-story Victorian Gothic Second Empire that sits on a hill behind the Bates Motel. There are four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a large living room, dining room, bathroom on the second floor, an attic and a basement with an exterior entrance. Also, a long set of steps lead to the house's front door. From most angles by the motel, the house is partially, if not completely blocked by it. The house contains a lot of its' original Victorian Gothic interior, but with some Art Deco and Mid-Century lighting. The house has 13-foot ceilings. The house also contains a butler's pantry leading from the kitchen into the dining room. The house contains at least 2 Tiffany-style windows (one located in the hallway on the far wall leading to the kitchen and one in the dining room), as well as a lot of similarly acid-etched windows depicting "The Victorian Flower Garden" pattern. The home also has 8 gas lighting fixtures (being the living room chandelier and living room wall sconces).


  • Bates Family House Interior - Hallway
  • Bates Family House Interior - Kitchen
  • Bates Family House Interior - Second Floor Hall
  • Bates Family House Interior - Norma's Bedroom


  • The house itself is outdated being supposedly built in 1912. The Victorian Gothic Second Empire era ended in the 1890's.
  • When it comes to modern amenities in the home, lighting and some furniture notably stop at 1960, an homage to the original film Psycho.
  • In the Season 4 episode "Refraction", Chick Hogan comments the house is a Queen Anne Victorian, however the house is actually a turn-of-the-century Gothic Victorian. 
  • The tall Tiffany-style stained glass window was broken out in a fit of rage by Rebecca Hamilton in the episode "Lights of Winter". 
  • At the end of Season 4, another entrance is added to the Bates home towards the back from the main hall to the left of the tall stained glass window. It was not present on the interior or exterior for the first three seasons. The only thing that had been there previously was an etched glass double-arched window pocket door, always having been closed previously. 
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