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Audrey Ellis was the ex-wife of Will Decody and the mother of Emma Decody.


Season 1[]

Audrey was first mentioned when Emma told Norma that she had left her when she was a child as she found herself unable to care for Emma due to her illness. (The Truth)

Will Decody told Norma that Emma's mother was dead and afterward they moved from the UK to the US. (A Boy and His Dog)

Season 4[]

While waiting for news of Emma at the hospital in Portland, Dylan overheard a woman asking the receptionist for Emma and she then sat down opposite him, before he realized she was Emma's mother. However, Will was none too happy to see her when she told him she had flown all the way to see her sick daughter and asked her to leave. She later took up a room at the motel hoping to persuade Norma to pass along a gift to Emma but when Norma realized who she was she told her to pack her bags and leave and Audrey said that she had nowhere to go. Norma told her she could stay the night and that she was to stay away from Norman.

Later, while Norma was out, Audrey went up to the house but Norman answered the door in his mother's robe and invited Audrey in for some tea. She showed a stuffed rabbit toy that she wanted to give to Emma, but Norman in his "Mother" persona got angry at Audrey for having abandoned her daughter and strangled her to death with her own scarf. (A Danger to Himself and Others)

As Norman washed up before breakfast he had visions of Norma dragging Audrey's body down to the basement and placing it in the freezer. As she shut it Audrey's eyes opened and Norma slammed the door shut, sitting on the freezer. However, when Norman later went down to the basement to look in the freezer, the body was missing. Norma later had a vision of Audrey's body being buried in the pit but when she trudged through the murky waters she found nothing except for a glove. (Goodnight, Mother)

After Norma married Romero, he gave her a present of a new coffee maker and called in workers to fill in the pit. As Norma left the house one of the workers handed her an earring, which she said was hers, when in fact it belonged to Audrey. ('Til Death Do You Part)

Season 5[]

Following the discovery of Jim Blackwell's body and an unidentified body in the lake, dental records proved that the latter was that of Audrey. The sheriff informed Dylan of the discovery and later told Norman that he was being formally charged with both murders. (The Body)

Family Tree[]



  • Although referred to mainly as Audrey Ellis, her name is given as Audrey Ellis Decody on the coroner's report at the preliminary hearing for Norman Bates.
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