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White Pine Bay is filled with local artisans making everything from cheese to birdhouses, but Artful Artifacts is a place to see skilled taxidermy at its finest. Mr. Decody is a master of his craft creating beautiful and lifelike creatures out of the dead!

Collector's Card: "Decody Taxidermy"

Artful Artifacts is a store located in White Pine Bay. Specializing in antiques, it is owned by Will Decody.


First seen in the Season 1 episode A Boy and His Dog following the death of Norman's dog Juno, he takes her to the store where Will Decody decides to introduce him taxidermy. When Norma later arrives to collect him, she sends him outside in order to talk to Will about her son's blackouts.

When Emma Decody makes a discovery about the sex slave business she summons Norman to the store to fill him in on what she has learned.

When Dylan Massett acquires the money in order to pay for Emma's future transplant, he visits the store in the Season 3 episode Crazy in order to give the money to Will Decody, making him promise that he will not tell his daughter where it came from. Will promises to pay him back.

When Will, Emma and Dylan are preparing to move to Seattle, a 'For Sale' sign can be seen in the store window.



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