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Annika Johnson was a young mysterious woman who showed up at the motel looking for a room. She was described as someone who very openly dealt in the sex trade and was pretty grounded about it and not apologetic at all.[1]


Season 3[]

Annika checked into the Bates Motel for a few days and was given Room 4. Norman Bates found himself attracted to her and changed a lightbulb in the room for her. During this, she admitted to him that she was a sex worker. While putting the trash out that evening, he approached her bathroom window and looked through it while she showered, causing Norma Bates to become angry at him when she caught him.

The next night, Norman offered to show her how to get to a location in town, and while in her car they had an uncomfortable conversation about her job. Later, as Emma Decody left the motel office to go home, Norman returned alone driving Annika's car. (A Death in the Family)

Norma began to worry about Annika after finding out that Norman was the last one to see her. She and Emma looked through her room, only to find her suitcase still open and an invitation to "The Arcanum Club". Norma posed as Annika to try to gain entrance to the club, however, she didn't know the password. After sneaking in, Norma later mentioned to Alex Romero that Annika was missing and Norman was the last to see her. (The Arcanum Club)

She was later found by Norma and collapsed in front of her at the Bates Motel, with a bullet wound, and a bloody flash drive in hand, claiming it as a gift for Norma and Norman. She succumbed to her injuries and died in Norma's arms. (Persuasion)

In the aftermath of her death, Romero discovered that she had been shot 20 minutes prior to driving back to the motel and that the car she used was registered to another sex worker from The Arcanum Club. He interviewed a woman who told him that Lindsay Davis, the woman whose body was found in the marsh, did not want to participate in a threesome with Bob Paris so someone else took her place: Annika. (Unbreak-Able)

When Romero confronted Bob Paris on a yacht, it was revealed that Bob was responsible for killing both Annika and Lindsay as well as Clay DuFont. (Unconscious)


  • She appeared in a scene for the Season 3 premiere trailer, getting undressed with the shower running as Norman watches her from a peephole. There was a misconception that Annika was Norman's future victim, Marion Crane. The peephole scene was an homage to the film Psycho and was not intended to be used for Bates Motel.



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