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George Heldens
Interpretado por: Michael Vartan
Status: Vivo
Casa: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Ocupação: Advogado (anteriormente)
Parentes: Christine Heldens (irmã)
Ex-esposa sem nome
Significativos/Outros: Norma Bates (ex-amante)

George Heldens é um homem divorciado que por um tempo namorou Norma Bates. Ele é também o irmão mais velho de Christine.


Temporada 2[]

George met Norma at a party hosted by George's sister, Christine. Norma initially assumed that George and Christine were only friends until George introduced himself as her brother. Christine sent George to talk to Norma, and they bonded. (Caleb)

George took Norma on a date, with Christine and Peter. Peter (Christine's husband) upset Norma while talking about the bypass that will ruin her business, so George took her home and mentioned that they should go on a date without Christine or Peter. (Check-Out)

Christine had George, a former lawyer who had even helped senators get elected, help Norma try out for the city council. When he was doing this, he told Norma to focus less on the city information and more on the "best part", which was herself. (Plunge)

When Norman was briefly in jail (but not arrested), George visited to support Norma and Norman, and offered to use his law expertise to help. (Presumed Innocent)

Norma went to George's house for dinner. After he began asking her about college, she admitted that she never went to college, and left the house. She later came back. (Meltdown)

George went to Norma's house, where she (due to the stress of Norman's kidnapping) insulted him and told him to leave. He did so, even though Norma changed her mind and tried to make up for it. (The Box)