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Ethan Chang was an accomplice and friend of Dylan Massett who introduced him to the drug business in White Pine Bay.


Season 1[]

Soon after Dylan moved to White Pine Bay, he saw Ethan crying in a club. Ethan snapped at Dylan for staring at him, but then apologized and said that his boss, Jerry Martin, just died. When Ethan opened his wallet and revealed the hundreds of dollars inside, Dylan asked how he got so much money in such a small town. Ethan brought Dylan to Gil Turner, who asked Dylan if he knows how to use a gun. (Nice Town You Picked, Norma...)


Ethan and Dylan became friends as they guarded the marijuana field together, and Ethan even lent Dylan the five thousand dollars he needed to buy his own place. Soon thereafter, Ethan was shot and killed by an unnamed tweaker. Dylan later ran the gunman down with Ethan's truck. (Ocean View)