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Predefinição:Infobox Episode "Caleb" is the third episode of the second season of Bates Motel. It aired on March 17, 2014.


Dylan tries to bridge the gap between Norma and her brother, Caleb. Norma meets an ally in her battle to stop the bypass. Emma's memorial for a friend leads to a new relationship. Norman falls under the influence of a townie girl.


Caleb, the man claiming to be Norma's brother, arrives at the motel. She emphatically shoos him away. Caleb tells Dylan he helped protect Norma from their abusive father. Norma becomes friends with Christine, the former musical director who quit after being forced to cast someone else. She invites Norma to a party, where Norma meets Christine's brother, George. Emma holds a memorial at the beach for Bradley. Norman attends, as does Cody, his new friend from the grocery store and the musical. Back home, Dylan defends Caleb to Norma, but she claims he repeatedly raped her years ago. The discussion escalates into a fight, in which Norman arrives to defend her. She intervenes by ultimately revealing that Caleb is Dylan's father


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  • This episode had 1.84 million viewers, making it the least watched episode of the show and the season so far.