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Keith Summers
Keith summers
Acteur: W. Earl Brown
Apparait dans: La Veuve Noire (First You Dream, Then You Die)
Age: 50's
Statut: Décédé
Habitation: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Famille: Maggie Summers (sœur)
Proches: Alex Romero (childhood friend)
Jake Abernathy (patron secret, décédé)
Zack Shelby (compagnon secret, décédé)

Keith Summers was the former owner of the Seafairer Motel and the house behind it. He held an extreme bitterness towards Norma Bates and her son, Norman, for purchasing the hotel after he lost it to the bank.


Saison 1[]

Introduced in the premiere episode, La Veuve Noire, Keith arrives at the motel and tells Norma and Norman Bates that they are incapable of running the motel by themselves, for knowing nothing about the town and being inexperienced about motels. He says that the Seafairer Motel, along with the house where Norma and Norman are residing, had been in his family for generations. Norma threatens to call the police, and Keith backs off, and exclaims that he is friends with almost every policeman in town.

Later that night while Norman has snuck off to a party with Bradley Martin, Keith breaks into the house and rapes Norma. Norman returns and knocks him out before he can do any more damage. Later, Norma, in a fit of rage, stabs Keith to death.

Norma and Norman then temporarily hide his body in one of the bathtubs in the hotel. Sheriff Alex Romero comes to check on them and uses the bathroom where the body is hidden, but fortunately does not see the body much to their relief. Norma and Norman put chains around his body and disposed of him into a lake. (La Veuve Noire)

A decaying hand was found after getting caught in a net and was identified as his by the wristwatch. (Trust Me)