Wikia Bates Motel
Christine Heldens
Acteur: Rebecca Krescoff
Première Apparition: L'Ombre d'un Doute (Shadow of a Doubt)
Age: 40
Statut: Vivante
Habitation: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Famille: George Heldens (frère)
Peter (mari)
Proches: Norma Bates (ex-amie)

Christine Heldens est la première véritable amie de Norma Bates. Christine est la sœur de George et après son divorce, elle joue aux entremetteurs dans sa vie sentimentale.


Saison 2[]

Christine very briefly met Norma and Norman when they auditioned for a musical. (L'Ombre d'un Doute)

Christine quit her theatre job after the casting director (who was biased in favour of a friend) opted not to cast Norma in the musical. She then bought Norma a drink and they talked about Zack Shelby. Christine later invited Norma to her garden party, introduced her to friends, and sent her brother George to go talk to Norma. (Les Fantômes du Passé)

Christine invited Norma to a restaurant. Norma wasn't in the mood, but Christine eventually convinced her to go. George and Peter came along, and Peter upset Norma while talking about the bypass that might ruin her business, so George drove Norma home. (État Second)

Christine convinced Norma to try to replace late councilman Lee Burman on the city council. She had George help Norma reach this goal. (Le Grand Plongeon)

After hearing that Norma had insulted George the night before, Christine saw Norma at a grocery store. The two argued, and Christine threatened to use her friendship with the mayor to take away Norma's spot on the city council. (L'Insoutenable Vérité)